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Aelaran Warriors Boxset

Aelaran Warriors Boxset

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My mission was everything. And then there was her.

My duty is to protect the portal. Drive away any humans who might come close, make sure nothing comes through.

But when a beautiful researcher nearly falls to her death near my hidden outpost, nothing is simple anymore.

Amina has seen too much. Knows far too much.

There's only one thing to do. Erase her memory and send her away.

But strange things are happening in the town of Blackwater.

Strangest of all?

I can't let Amina go.

I've fallen too hard, too fast, for this alien warrior. And now our story might be over before we've even had a chance.

Something in Kael's past has broken him, made him unable to trust anyone else.
And our enemies seem determined to turn us against each other.

The danger to the Earth is spiraling out of control.
And the danger to my heart is only a breath away.

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Clara Camozzato

Aelaran Warriors Boxset